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With the goals of Firmino and Jota, Liverpool at home played against Sheffield United in the Premier League early this morning. Although they won the game, the performance of the Red Army was not so good. On the offensive end, the Red Army fell into a weird situation.


The Red Arrows are the core of the team's offense. Their performance determines whether the team can score. In this game, Firmino scored his first Premier League goal this season, and also stopped the long scoring shortage. However, in addition to this in front of the shot, he did not have other outstanding performance. Where is Salah? In addition to using his personal ability to achieve single-on-one burst points and hit the goal frame in the 80th minute, his performance was also lacklustre. Even in the attack that broke through the Sheffield United gate, Salah stopped the ball and shot very beautifully, but because of offside, the first goal was invalid.


Only Mane appeared online.


Firmino's supplementary shot was scored, a header from Mane was punted, and his defensive moves in the penalty area were excellent. And Jotta's reversal goal also came from Mane's precise cross. The ball accurately bypassed the head of the opponent's tall central defender, achieving a precise strike against Sheffield United.

菲尔米诺的补充射门得分,马内的头球被攻破,他在禁区的防守动作出色。 Jotta的逆转目标也来自Mane的精准传中。球准确地绕过了对手高大的中后卫的头部,对谢菲尔德联队进行贝博官方入口了精确的打击。

The lack of substitutes for a long time will inevitably bring about "overwork" and injuries. Therefore, the Red Army introduced Rota this summer to strengthen the offensive line. After all, the performance of Origi and Takuru Minano in the Premier League and even the Champions League has not met expectations so far. Among the strikers' benches, it seems that the most reliable one is Jota.


In this game, Jota got the chance to start, and the Portuguese's performance in this game is also worthy of recognition. He is not very tall, it is very important to score a wonderful header and help the team win.


After joining the Red Army, Jota scored 2 goals in 195 minutes of Premier League time, which was relatively efficient. The averaging of 1 successful, 2.3 shots and 0.5 key passes per game is also available.


In the midweek UEFA Champions League away from Ajax in the group stage, although Liverpool won, but only relying on Mane to create opponents own goals to get 3 points. The overall performance of the Trident was not good, and the three were rarely replaced at the same time before the 60th minute. Successive seasons of campaigns and the relaxation of the mentality brought about by the Premier League's championship have caused the performance of the Red Arrows to decline. In order to improve, it seems necessary to increase competition and rotation.


In the case of Origi and Takushi Minano's under-performance, Ruota may be the X factor.

在Origi和Takushi Minano的表现不佳的情况下,Ruota可能是X因素。

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[Video: Premier League-Firmino's first goal, Ruota header, Liverpool reversal of Sheffield United 2-1 at home]


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